Thermal Thoughts

Lately the weather down here in south Texas has been fantastic.  Cool nights with warm clear days…the wind,on the other hand, has knocked down the thermals and made it tough to get an extended flight.


Never the less, we are out there, diligently flying every chance the weather lets us.  When I get towed up to 2000′, and I know that the air is going to be calm, I get to have special time with the U2.  Sensitive, playful, responsive, liberating, awe, all of these feelings at the same time.  The wing becomes a part of me and when I fly I look up at my wing, every thing about it feels just right.  screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-32-49-pm

I smile as I gaze out to the east, into the repugnant smog hovering over the city.  I smile as I look down over the highway, all of the people trapped in their steel box enclosures, minding the rules of the road.  As much as I love cars, I absolutely hate them at the same time.  When I think about all of the time that I spend in that car of mine, hustling through the traffic before the break of dawn every morning.  I truly relish this time ~every fleeting moment~  when I am free, free as a bird.

Because when we are stuck inside our boxes, we don’t feel the wind on our faces.  In our boxes we seal ourselves inside, lock the doors, and condition the wind to come at a preferred temperature.  Usually, while inside the steel box, it is difficult to see how the day is developing.   From inside the cage, we don’t even see our own neighborhoods, we just focus on getting to our destinations.  Much less, what birds might be flying, singing, soaring high up above.



I realize that I have to spend my time in the box, most of us do.  So we make the inside of the box as comfortable as it can be.  But no amount of luxury can really fix the problem.    I live in the smog, I live in the box, I follow the rules, but when I’m flying I break free.  Hang gliding brings a sense of joy, so liberating, so energizing, so FREE.

So when I am flying over the highway gently feeling the wind on my face I hope that I catch someones eye, while they are in their box.  I hope that they creak their neck out of the window and see me high up above.  And I hope that I inspire them to get their lives figured out enough to where they can find freedom.  Because  when I’m flying I’m exactly where I want to be. FREE.

First Flight since the surgery.

I have been laid up and on medication due to my surgery.  However, I have been off the pain meds for a while.  I decided no matter what today I am going to fly.  So I borrowed a Falcon 195 from Cowboy Up and had a couple of sledruns in the overcast afternoon.screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-9-17-15-pm

img_1794The foot has really been healing nicely and I have started to get some feeling back in my toe.  So to be able to fly I had to do a wheel landing.  It has been a long time since I have done one, and I forgot how much fun and easy they are to do.  My bad foot never even made contact with the ground.

I stuck around to see the sunset and the supermoon rise.  It was good to fly again!img_1806