Good to be back in the AIR

It has been 4 weeks since hurricane Harvey hit south Texas and here in Houston things are finally starting to get back to normal.  Kinda… For 2 weeks beltway 8 and highway 6 were flooded and it made getting to work a complete nightmare.  It added 2 hours of commute time each way.

Thankfully, the past couple of weeks has been GREAT for flying and it has been really good to see everyone flying again!

ALSO, local pilot Dave Brooks hit a personal best getting STINKING HIGH.  Another pilot, Mark Moore, is back out and itching to fly more than ever.  Mark is back after a shoulder surgery so we are all super stoked to see him back in the gaggle!

Personally, I’m looking forward to some Fall Flying!  I love the crisp air, and the lapse rates.  Really, looking forward to the XC Bohl fundraiser too!  I hope to see everyone out there!