Hang Gliding in Texas

I never thought I would become a pilot, but then I found out about hang gliding.  The rest is history!

As it turns out, Texas is the holy land when it comes to Hang Gliding long distances.  There have been several flights over 300miles and some over 450miles!  The WORLD RECORD longest hang gliding flight of 475miles was set right here in Texas!

All of this was right in my back yard!

You don’t need a mountain to launch a hang glider…we use specially designed aircraft to tow our hang gliders up to whatever altitude we want.  Then we release and use rising air pockets (thermals) to stay aloft.  Often we can stay up in the thermals for several hours.  It is a NICE way to spend an afternoon, up with the clouds!  The hang glider flies pretty slow, as compared to a motorized aircraft, and it is very peaceful.  There is no loud motor noise, it is like the same air noise you get when you are riding a 10-speed bike.

For me, flying hang gliders is like going to church.  I am calm and at one with myself.  All of my other thoughts or problems in life disappear when I am flying.  It is very satisfying and blissful.  I would even say that flying is spiritual.   I don’t know how else to describe it.  Soaring with the birds, literally 15 feet away from me, making eye contact with the birds, finding thermals with the birds…it’s very special, transcending, spiritual, complete consciousness, awakening, rewarding, and above all…it is a complete sense of FREEDOM that is like some thing you can’t imagine.  Flying hang gliders is PURE FREEDOM.

The opportunity is there.  If you want to fly, what is holding you back?  Hang gliding is the most affordable form of flight that is available.  I promise, once you get a taste of flying hang gliders, you wont regret that you at least tried it out.  Take a tandem flight, check the Groupon website for deals, get ahold of Cowboy Up Hang Gliding, schedule your first discovery flight.  You wont regret it!