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Gear Review: Woodey Valley Tenax 4

Well my first flight with the Tenax 4 was an incredible 6 hour and 50 minute 200km XC!   That being said, my second flight with the Tenax 4 was another incredible flight.  This day, though, the conditions were not as favorable and I opted to stay local and test out the upwind penetration of the harness.

The harness makes my dacron U2 160 feel like a whole new glider.  Compared to my old cocoon harness, it’s like night and day.  I can wrap up the whole thing in one word, EXCELLENT!!!

Being comfortable is probably the biggest upgrade that this harness offers. It’s nice being in the Tenax 4!

The fit and finish of the harness is amazing. You pick it up and look into it and everything is just so well made.

The straps don’t dig in, and everything is very adjustable.

The only thing that I can say that I don’t like about the harness is that it kinda makes my butt look big in the keel camera!

Anyways, this second flight I took with the harness, I added a twist to my hang loop to see if I would like it being a little higher up. I will be getting a new hang loop made soon to completely compliment the streamline harness.

I am happy with the colors that I went with. Having only seen the colors on a computer screen, the colors came out just the way I thought they were going to.

I’m looking forward to becoming more in tune with the Tenax 4 and I will post another review a year or two down the road and see how she is holding up.