First Solo


Wharton, Texas.

Wind: East 4-5knots

Everything went great, take-off, tow, landing.  Halfway through the flight I realized that I was pulled in way too much.  This caused me to fly really fast, and lose altitude quicker.

I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to handle the Wills Wing Falcon 4 195 than the big tandem hang glider I trained on.  It was a breeze!  Just the tiniest inputs with your fingertips puts you in the direction that you want to go!  The whole time I had Bart in my ear telling me in his super calm voice that I was doing well.  I had a radio that had an ear piece so Bart, my instructor, could give me instruction/encouragement.   Here are a few words from the day of my solo…

“Getting to solo a hang glider yesterday was probably the most awesome thing I have ever done in my life. I can sum up the entire flight in one word, FREEDOM!!! Thanks to my instructors who took me under their wings, the pilots who gave me words of wisdom, and everyone else who supported me on this awesome experience.”

I have to admit though, getting to the point where you are ready to fly a hang glider solo is an amazing journey. I went the aerotow method of learning to hang glide with Cowboy Up Hang Gliding. (   There are ups and downs during lessons, and you will become emotionally involved in the flying.  There were times that I was jonesing to have my next lesson, but the weather didn’t cooperate.   After 20 tandem aerotow lessons, I was finally ready to fly on my own.  Words can’t express my excitment, nervousness, and enthusiasm!