Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe how great this Hang Gliding book was!  Eagles in the Flesh is a must read for any hang glider pilot!  So easy to read, such great story telling!!!  I couldn’t put it down….I finished it in about 2 days!!!  If you haven’t read this, click the link and buy it now!!!  5/5 stars!  Two thumbs up!  Trust me its worth it!


Another great read for HG/PG pilots.  Cloudsuck is another easy to read book and Davis Straub writes in such a way that it makes you want to keep reading.  The book is more of a collection of flight reports rather than “chapters”.    Tons of great stories and adventures.  4/5 stars!



The quintessential book for all new Hang Glider pilots.   If you are kicking around the idea of getting into hang gliding but can’t seem to wrap your head around it, buy this book.  You will understand what hang gliding is so much more, and hopefully it will push you over the edge to go out and take hang gliding lessons.  I still love to go back to this book and re-read…it’s a must have.



(The Cloudspotters Guide) Here is a fun and easy to read book all about the clouds.  As a pilot it’s your own personal duty to know what’s going on in the air around you.  This book is a LOT more easy to read than the dry “science” books and you will learn a TON about clouds.  It’s a good read.


(Dunge Bottom)  Stories from the earliest days of hang gliding in England.  It’s mostly about life in general, and the authors huge heart and ability to overcome hardships.  It’s good stuff.


(Hang Gliding Spectacular)  This is another great book that includes multiple authors.  It is chalk full of great stories both exciting and emotional.  It is out of print so scoop up a deal on a used one.